SEM Committee confirms date for I-SEM Go-Live

The SEM Committee confirms that I-SEM will go-live as planned on 1st October 2018.

The SEM Committee made this decision at its meeting of, 30th August, following consideration of, inter alia, the Market Trial status, the MRC approval received, the state of system readiness and the state of market participant readiness.

The Regulatory Authorities therefore intend that the Cutover Time, as set out in Part C of the amended SEM Trading & Settlement Code, will be 23.00 on 30th September 2018.

The SEM Committee also confirms that the Bidding Code of Practice (BCOP) will be in force at I-SEM Go-Live on 1st October.

The SEM Committee and the Regulatory Authorities would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the hard work done by the TSOs and market participants to get to this point.


SEM Committee