Tynagh Outage

Publication date: 17:10 14/09/2018

Message ID: TYN_000001_02

Event Status: open

Type of unavailability: Production Unavailability

Type of event: planned

Time/date of incident start: 22:00 08/09/2018

Estimated time/date of incident end: 18:00 17/09/2018

Unit of measurement: MW

Unavailable capacity: 404

Available capacity: 0

Installed capacity: 404 MW

Reason for unavailability:

Forced outage further Gas Turbine repair


Fuel Type: Fossil Gas

Bidding Zone: 10Y1001A1001A59C

Affected Asset or Unit: Tynagh Production Unit

Affected Asset or Unit EIC: 47W000000000172K

Market Participant: Tynagh Energy Limited

Market Participant Code: A0001577W.IE